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The Definitive Good Omens Occult Edition


Format: Boxed hardback
Page Count: 288
Publisher: Dunmanifestin
305 x 230mm
New Publication date: 1.7.19  *This is a week later than anticipated due to a delay with the printers in Italy*

Dispatching from Monday the 1st July.

Limited to 1655 copies

Stunning hardback in a snakeskin effect clamshell box, with metallic red page edges, 20 colour illustrations with additional pencil illustrations. Numbered tipped-in sheet signed by Paul Kidby.

This special edition is exclusive to only Paul &

Price includes UK delivery.

The iconic fantasy novel from Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman becomes definitive.
First published in 1990, translated into multiple languages and released in numerous editions across the world, Good Omens has brought forth a BBC radio series and now a 2019 primetime television series from Amazon Studios and BBC Worldwide.

Illustrated for the first time by artist Paul Kidby, using a new definitive text, agreed by Neil Gaiman and the Terry Pratchett Estate, these editions represent the ultimate culmination of the imagination of the UK’s two foremost fantasy authors.